Chinese Evangelical Church of San Diego

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Sundays at 9:15am and 11:00am

Community Ministry - Ladle

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A bowl of warm soup. Often it's the only hot meal they have had all week long. It's the only time someone is offering to fill their cup with something to drink. The only time someone looks them in the eye, places a loving hand on their shoulder, and asks, "How are you doing? May I pray with you?" This weekly reprieve is called Ladle Fellowship.

An outreach of First Presbyterian Church (FPCSD) in downtown San Diego to the poor and homeless, CEC volunteers with FPCSD on a quarterly basis. We invite church members, fellowships, and small groups to serve for an afternoon after attending sunday worship. Volunteers can choose to help in the kitchen - preparing a hot meal to serve the many who come through the doors, or in the cafeteria - serving plates of food, filling up eager cups with coffee or juice. Bread is handed out, and might be the only source of food for the week for those who receive it. Donations are also collected and brought to Ladle as FPCSD also provides clothing and necessities to those who come through their doors each Sunday. But simple enough, many volunteers go from table to table, introducing themselves, talking with those who have come, and offering prayer or just a listening ear and a friendly face.

Often it's not just the hot meal that those who are in need come to FPCSD each week for. Many enjoy the companionship and the true outpouring of love they receive, modeled first by Christ. And often, at the end of the afternoon, many CEC members feel as they were the ones who had been served, not the ones serving. Because the lives and stories that are learned and shared throughout the afternoon are rich and full of love, energy and a need for God. Our hearts are humbled and our passion for our Lord renewed.



Want More Information?

Please feel free to contact our Pastor or Church staff with any questions about our church, beliefs, ministries, or programs. Email or call 858-277-9622


Contact Us

  • 2585 Judson Street ( Map )
  • San Diego, CA 92111
  • Phone : ( 858 ) 277 - 9622
  • Email :
  • Office Hours : Tuesday - Friday, 9:30am - 4:00pm
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